Ten years ago I started looking for retirement property or vacation property around the world to invest in. I traveled a little and so during my vacations I would keep a mental note of my personal ranking of each place I visited.
I went to Tahiti and stayed on the island of Moorea, Hawaii-Oahu-Kauai, Mexico-Cancun-Mexican Riviera, St. Croix, Bahamas-Nassau-Paradise Island, Abaco, as well as several other retreats.
I took a double take at Abaco Island, I really liked the beach, but in the back of my mind I always had some concerns. Those big beautiful beaches didn't get that way by accident, or maybe you could call it an accident. Hurricanes and high seas are the forces that make huge flat beaches, not calm safe waters.

I was in a dilemma, the ideal location to me, was somewhere that the beaches were clean white sand and hurricanes and typhoons were non-existent. I do not want to constantly rebuild my dream retirement home or vacation house every few years. It was NOT something I looked forward to.

So I made a checklist to help me on my quest to find the perfect location. My checklist is below.

•  Island Property


•  White Sandy Beaches

•  Warm Caribbean Sea

•  America friendly people

•  Retiree friendly

MY CONCLUSION: Panama is the best of ALL worlds.
Plus if you are over 50, they give you 20 years tax exemption if you re-locate there.


After doing extensive research on the internet, I found the location that I wanted to visit.

BOCAS DEL TORO ARCHIPELAGO (which means mouth of the bull). And Particularly Bastimentos Island. There is quite a history of the area. The adjoining island next to Bastimentos was named Cayo Nancy after Christopher Columbus' wife Nancy (it is now called Isla Solarte) and this area is where he moored his ships during the hurricane season when visiting America.

So I figured if the area was calm enough for Columbus during hurricane season it must be calm enough for me anytime. Then I found out the last tropical storm of any measure was 150 years ago.

The Bocas Del Toro archipelago has many islands, but basically there are 10 larger islands and an extensive number of small islets.

In the mornings, the water in between most of the islands is mirror calm. As you can see if you click in the video link below, the first 4 minutes is of the trip out to the end of the island.
The Property being sold is on the open Caribbean Sea, so it is not as calm as between the islands, but that is why it affords 360 feet of the beautiful white sand and has almost 25 Acres of property behind it.

The exact location is near the end of the Bastimentos Island called Old Point and you have an unobstructed view of the open Caribbean from this location. And access to National Marine preserve islands of Panama called the Zapatia Keys.






This property is currently Right-Of-Possession property, which is in the process of being titled, so you can easily own it outright.


While it in the transition, the property will be listed at this price, until the title is finalized.

Once the tilling is complete, the price will change accordingly.  

I purchased 4 different plots of adjoining land and combined them into one large parcel.

This is large enough that you could develop your own resort, keep part of it and sell some to recoup your investment, or just have your own Exclusive Shangri-La, away from everyone.

The survey to the right shows the exact location and datum points for the property.

Since the surveyors in Panama are Spanish speaking, the survey is in Spanish and is also based on the Metric system, the Hectare. To convert from hectare to acres, just multiply the hectares by 2.47105 to get acres.

This property is actually 25.76 Acres

Normally Beachfront property on the Caribbean without larger acreage behind it runs at about $1000 per foot. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to own your piece of paradise!  

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